Legal support

Our team of professionals can help you in any of the procedures related to the purchase of properties in the province of Alicante, starting with the search for the property that will suit your needs, checking its legality and the successive steps until you become its legal owner.

Consultation in relation to the procedure for buying property in Spain

You can request a consultation by phone or visit one of our offices to learn in detail about the process of buying a property and solve any doubts that may arise. We will provide you with the information on the necessary documentation as well as on the rights and obligations of the owners, and the procedure regarding the application for a mortgage.

Help with the NIE registration and the opening of a bank account.

As these are the only requirements necessary to purchase a property in the Spanish state, we will help you obtain the Foreigner Identification Number and in a matter of days you will be the holder of a new bank account.

Legal due diligence and independent real estate appraisal

Our experts will provide a professional opinion on the property of your choice based on its detailed analysis and appraisal, so you will be able to make a decision with total clarity. We will take care of verifying the legality of the real estate through the search for all of the information regarding it, including its debts and liens, comparing it with that reflected in the property registry.

Preparation of documents to process the transaction
  • Preparation of the preliminary contract of sale
  • Organization of the transaction with a notary and an interpreter
  • Support in all stages of the transaction and the signing of the deed, as well as the counseling in the process
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