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Special bonus program that attracts potential buyers!
Support in all stages of the transaction.

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Fast And Reliable Result

The accumulated experience, our own large client base and advanced technologies will help us find the buyer of your home in a short time.

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Cash Back

Unique refund system for buyers of your property.

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We take care of all the Formalities

We take care of the whole paper routine. We are with you at all stages of the transaction.

What we offer

Vym Canarias is a full-cycle real estate agency, we provide all types of services for the sale and purchase,
as well as for further management of real estate for long-term leases.

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Professional Real Estate Valuation

We check and evaluate each property before proceeding with the transaction. We have been working with trusted valuation companies and law firms for over 10 years.

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Real estate promotion

Active participation in international real estate exhibitions, promotion on the Internet and social networks are our tools for real estate promotion and sales growth. Work with more than 25 specialized portals in Spain and abroad. A network of agent companies throughout Europe.

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Legal services

We are preparing the whole package of documents required to complete the transaction. We help with registration of NIE, residence permit, opening a bank account.

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We are in constant contact with our customers and provide quality feedback from potential buyers.

VYM Canarias Team Members

Vym CanariasThe Largest and most Successful real estate company in Alicante and the Canary Islands.

Our mission

Our mission is to find you the home of your dreams on the island of eternal spring. Calmly, efficiently and without undue drama or stress.

We survey and inspect all real estate, give an expert opinion on the value of the object and we constantly update our customers about each stage of the process.

We are confident that only honesty leads to real success, we value our reputation, therefore we guarantee transparency of all stages of the transaction.

Our goal

Our goal is to provide the best real estate service on the island. The best database of objects. The best news of the island. And constantly inform our customers about any changes in the island market. Both legal and contextual.


Depends on the accuracy of the specified search criteria. When we have complete information about what the client wants and what means are available, we can narrow the search terms to a few days. That is how much it takes to view the 5-7 most suitable options and re-view the ones you like. We are against hasty decisions, therefore, we recommend that you allocate at least 7 days for the trip.

According to Spanish law, real estate in Spain can be bought by both a resident of the country and a foreign citizen. To buy real estate in Spain, first of all, you need to issue a NIE - tax number of a foreigner and open a bank account in a Spanish bank. We advise on these issues and help arrange all the necessary papers. Read more about the preparation of documents here (link to a separate article on the site).

According to general rules, when buying a home in Spain, the buyer pays a value added tax (IVA) or property transfer tax (ITP). As well as tax on legal acts on primary housing (1%). In addition, the buyer pays the cost of checking the housing in the property register (Nota Simple), notarial expenses and registration fees.

IMPORTANT! IVA, or VAT, is only charged for new housing purchases. In the Canary Islands, VAT is not applicable, and IGIC is levied - the general indirect tax in force in the Canary Islands. It is 6.5% of the cost of housing for 2019.

The transfer tax in the Canary Islands ITP is 6.5%.

There is a form of purchase at the construction stage, where an additional tax of 0.75% is applied.

On average, when buying a home in Alicante, the buyer spends about 7.5 -9 percent of the value of the property on a deal.


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